ā€œCross Link Group and Olive Technology complement CrossOlive in providing end to end solutions in infrastructure support and software development. Regardless of where you are on the technology spectrum, we can help you move forward. CrossOlive guides organizations that are years behind in technology to move them from technology being destructive in their environment to leveraging technology to their advantage. If your organization is higher on the spectrum, we can be your technology partner to help you with everything from creating your latest mobile app to buiding strategic infrastructure and application frameworks.ā€


  • Install and support a network
  • Connects the pieces of your technology puzzle
  • Reduce Your Costs


  • Full life cycle software solutions
  • Develop and support an application
  • Leveraging innovative development techniques


“CrossOlive invites organizations to connect the dots in your technology infrastructure for a seamless solution. Rather than trying to fit many different solutions together, partnering with CrossOlive gives you the chance to design an integrated solution.”