Enterprise IT Planning and Contracted Services

We have more than 30 years of knowledge in multiple disciplines designed to help organizations get on the right track in technology. Important areas that require attention includes Strategic Planning, Security (including PCI DSS Compliance), In-house versus Outsourcing, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, IT Audits, Hardware/Software Procurement, and several other areas. If the job takes less time than proposed, only those hours will be charged out. If you require service levels, then monthly contracted services can be provided with signed agreements.

Network Services

We have Network Administration staff to network your organization in server technologies to provide email, file sharing, databases, Internet connectivity, firewalling, vertical applications (such as finance and donation management), and many other opportunities. All jobs are proposed at $60/hr. If the job takes less time than proposed, only those hours will be charged out. Network support can be provided during business hours and after hours.

Client Services

We have Help Desk staff to assist your organization in setting up users/accounts/computers, troubleshooting problems, training and monitoring your network. IT infrastructure is not easy to manage whether you are a small, medium or large organization. We can offer you seamless managed services for several scenarios:

1) An organization with on-premise equipment but little or no IT staff who needs network management and support.
2) An organization with applications hosted anywhere in the world who needs help maintaining, configuring, monitoring, supporting and troubleshooting key assets.
3) An organization who is already hosting websites with CrossOlive who is looking to connect the dots by allowing us to also manage key IT services.